I have been going to Hope Dental Professionals for the last 7 years and have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. Pate and all of the hygienists! I have had extensive cosmetic dentistry done as well as basic cleanings and other dental care. The staff is gentle and truly cares about the comfort of the patient. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a dentist. They gave me my smile back!

Hayley G.

I just went to get my teeth cleaned yesterday. I always dread going to the dentist especially now with Covid 19 still a threat. But, I had a great experience and I was so impressed with the measures they took to keep everything safe, sanitized and comfortable! Everything was smooth and professional and the staff was so friendly. I highly recommend Hope Dental! Thank you Dr. Pate and your team for taking such good care of me.

Melissa Craig

I got my smile back today. I just want to publicly thank Dr. Yami Pate and the beautiful team at Hope Dental Professionals for the amazing work they have done! Over the past 5 years, I lost my smile. Years of steroids (Lupus) had taken their toll. I’ve also had a couple of horrific experiences with dentists in the area so I was losing HOPE that I would ever get it back. Thankfully, the dentist I did call was booked and referred me to Dr. Pate. They have worked to not just patch up a problem, but improve my mouth health overall. We aren’t finished yet, but today is the first big step! Yami, you are an artisan and this is not simply a career but a calling. Thank you for caring and bringing my smile back.

Kim Norton

“Dr. Pate is fantastic! She is very friendly & genuinely cares about her patients. The whole staff is fabulous and does an amazing job with our young daughter. You simply will not find a better dental office for the whole family.”


“Best Dentist I have ever been to see! Everyone that works here is just heaven sent and absolutely Wonderful!!! Thank you Ladies, So Much!”

Morgan Spencer

Dear Dr. Pate,

As you know our time here is limited, and we really don’t know when we will be returning to Australia, so whilst I was thinking about how wonderful you all are, I figured I would put pen to paper and let you know how grateful we are for your professional help. Far too often people remind you of the things that go wrong, I hope I can enlighten you with a few of the things that have made a lasting impression with me and my family.

When we arrived here in Bentonville 12 months ago Millie had an issue with her teeth, and after 2 other dentists told me that their books were full or that they couldn’t see her for a month, we THANKFULLY” phoned you. You may not know any of this as Claudia was so delightful in her swift action to have her seen to by you, almost immediately!

Millie had her problem fixed up by you over the course of a month, and Ginger, Melissa, and Angela always made her feel “special” and at ease. Millie has had a HUGE fear of the dentist since she was a young girl, and that fear was washed away with all of your care, love and attention to her.

After Millie had her “foot in your door”, you then had the rest of the White clan closely following behind her. My boys, Daron and I have also found your professional caring ways to be a blessing when those dentists check up rolls around.

Finally Dr. Pate, God has truly chosen a beautiful “angel” to carry out his work here on earth through you. You have such healing hands and a heart as big a Texas. You are so patient and caring, not only to your staff, personal patients, but others in need in less fortunate places in the world. We have been blessed to know you.

You and your team are an amazing combination and I wish you all the best with your practice and your work. You have alt taken the fear away from the dentist, to the point that we all ALMOST look forward to our 6 monthly visits! I do hope that our time in Bentonville continues as we are having a great time here and love every day the people that we meet, and the things that we all see. I would once again stress that we would love for you and your family to visit us… wherever and whenever that is…. Once we return to Australia.

Take care and Merry Christmas from my family to your “extended” family!

Raquel White and family

I am so pleased with my entire experience at Pate Family Dentistry (now Hope Dental Professionals). Dr. Pate is the best, most thorough dentist I have ever seen. During my initial exam, she took time to meticulously examine, explain and record information on every tooth. She found correctable issues that had been developing over a number of years that my former dentists had missed. During my procedure she was very gentle and frequently expressed compassion for any discomfort the procedure might cause. My husband sees Dr. Pate as well and is so comfortable he sometimes falls asleep during procedures (without gas).

All of the Staff at Pate Family Dentistry (now Hope Dental Professionals) treat me with professionalism and excellence. To Dr. Pate and the staff I am more than a patient, I am a person. Dr. Pate and her staff provide a high level of professional dental care. I have a great deal of confidence in her skill and expertise. The dental work was gentle, unhurried and I had excellent results. The experience of going to Pate Family Dentistry (now Hope Dental Professionals) can be summed up in the word “kindness.” No one wants to have dental work but when I have the need, I look forward to seeing Dr. Pate.

Pam Oldham

I’ve just had my first appointment with Dr. Pate and I have to say that I have never been treated so nicely by a dentist. Not only was Dr. Pate awesome, her whole staff was too. I have a lot of anxiety about going to a dentist but they were gentle and patient, I could not have asked for better treatment. Wonderful people!! They also had Christian music playing, which I loved. I highly recommend them.

Kelly Sandberg via Facebook
September 15, 2010 at 3:14pm

The exceptionally friendly, bilingual staff treats you as though you are a member of the Pate family. The state of the art technology, combined with professionalism and compassion, has helped many over come the anxiety of “going to the dentist”. At the heart of the most unique experience is Dr Yami Pate, whose spirit is as gentle as her touch! Her vision of a dental practice that exalts Christ and blesses the nations has come to reality in Bentonville. All this makes for no ordinary dental clinic, because Yami Pate is no ordinary dentist.

Chip Jackson

I have known Dr. Pate and her family for several years. I have also been a patient of hers most of that time. I have been very impressed with her knowledge and her expertise as a dentist. I am also impressed and appreciate her staff, as they have always shown me the greatest courtesy, and attention to my dental needs.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the technology of Dr. Pate’s office, as it provides the latest in equipment, making my experience in the office comfortable and secure in knowing that my dental needs are accurately assessed.

Besides my general dental needs, I experimented with a snore device, that eliminated my snoring. The device was fitted comfortably for my mouth by Dr. Pate and did help. However, it was later discovered that my sleep disorder required a CPAP machine, for my problem was not just snoring. I do recommend this device as a low cost alternative if the problem is only snoring, and Dr. Pate does a wonderful job in making sure the device fits comfortably.

I can recommend Dr. Pate’s dental services with great enthusiasm, for she is a friend, she has a great office, and best of all she is a great dentist.

G. W. Rocky Fleming

My first ever dentist appointment was when I was 19 years old, and I am now 30! It was not something that my family deemed important growing up. It wasn’t until I moved in with my grandparents after I graduated high school that I realized the importance of going to the dentist. My first visit I was TERRIFIED to go. I knew my gum health wasn’t pretty and I figured I would have to be numbed up for my first cleaning. Well, I had several cavities, such bad plaque build up that I DID have to be numbed and had already lost a tooth to decay. After all that, I realized I had no reason to be nervous or scared! I was treated so delicately and wonderfully, with zero pain during or after. I have continued my visits and I can happily say that now my teeth and gums are the healthiest they’ve ever been (aside from my darn wisdom teeth that are coming out soon!)! I will instill the wisdom and comfort I have received to my children so that they won’t fear going to the dentist and they will see how truly important dental health is! I am so thankful for Sarena, Dr. Pate, and all the ladies at Hope Dental Professionals!

Kylie D.