My first ever dentist appointment was when I was 19 years old, and I am now 30! It was not something that my family deemed important growing up. It wasn’t until I moved in with my grandparents after I graduated high school that I realized the importance of going to the dentist. My first visit I was TERRIFIED to go. I knew my gum health wasn’t pretty and I figured I would have to be numbed up for my first cleaning. Well, I had several cavities, such bad plaque build up that I DID have to be numbed and had already lost a tooth to decay. After all that, I realized I had no reason to be nervous or scared! I was treated so delicately and wonderfully, with zero pain during or after. I have continued my visits and I can happily say that now my teeth and gums are the healthiest they’ve ever been (aside from my darn wisdom teeth that are coming out soon!)! I will instill the wisdom and comfort I have received to my children so that they won’t fear going to the dentist and they will see how truly important dental health is! I am so thankful for Sarena, Dr. Pate, and all the ladies at Hope Dental Professionals!

Kylie D.