• Get rewarded for being a cash-paying customer!

  • Administrative savings of 10% will be passed on to you for paying with cash or check on all services (7.5% with credit/debit card and up to 5.5% with financing options).

  • Levelized payments for the necessary preventative care (see Schedule of Benefits below).

  • Your plan is catered to the care you need, so you pay for what you need and use.

  • No diminishing benefits, co-pays, or insurance surprises.

Schedule of Benefits

The Hope Loyalty Plan includes the following benefits at no charge:

  • Adult or Children’s Cleaning (up to 4 per year with the corresponding plan)

  • Periodontal Maintenance (up to 4 per year with Periodontal Plan)

  • All Periodic Exams (once per benefit year with any plan)

  • Emergency Exam (once per benefit year with any plan)

  • Fluoride Treatment with each preventative visit

    All routine X-rays, which include:

  • Bitewings (once per benefit year) as well as diagnostic X-rays as needed

  • Complete Series/Panorex (once per five benefit years)

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